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16 Week Belly

Here is the belly picture for week 16! I am starting to look pregnant, not just a little thick through the middle, and I am so excited! The belly really popped out a few days ago. While I did not … Continue reading

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Fitness Fail Friday, Volume III

If you are new, check out my original Fitness Fail post here. As for this week’s ‘exercise,’ I have nicknamed it the ‘preschool pose.’ Now girls, sit cross-legged on the floor and raise your hand if you wish to speak. … Continue reading

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Beef and Cabbage Stew

My quest to clean out the freezer and make room for the chickens continues! Today’s casualty was a round steak. I combined it with some homemade beef stock, tomatoes, raisins, and a half a head of cabbage that I had … Continue reading

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Hungry Man’s Hungarian Goulash

Did I ever mention the very awesome Christmas present that my parents gave to Nick and me? Yes, a quarter cow. And that is exactly how they wrapped it up, too – a plastic toy cow and a US quarter … Continue reading

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Café à la Crème at Home, along with Eggs and Veggies in Parchment for Breakfast

As promised, here is my super-easy homemade version of café au lait. First, make sure that your coffee is brewed. Then take a few tablespoons (however much you usually use) of cream (or milk) and put it in a small … Continue reading

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Happy Easter From the Farm, and What To Do With All Those Hard-Boiled Eggs?

A very happy Easter to you and yours from all the ladies on the farm! It is too entirely appropriate that I am wrapping up my series on eggs today on Easter. Here are some gifts from the ladies for … Continue reading

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Homemade Mayo Recipe and Showdown: Which Oil Wins?

I love homemade mayonnaise, for its wonderful flavor and for all of its health benefits. The taste is absolutely nothing like the mayo or Miracle Whip you can buy in the store; even my husband, who had sworn his eternal … Continue reading

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Another Fitness Fail Friday

Another Fitness Fail Friday is here! Since I started this weekly post when I was already 14 weeks along, I figure that I had better go back and showcase some of the “exercises” that the authors of Your Pregnancy Week … Continue reading

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My Go-To Easy Eggy Breakfast Casserole (Or Busy Weeknight Dinner)

This is one of my favorite basic recipes. I love to pull it out when I am short on time. This casserole can easily be assembled the night before and put in the oven in the morning for a no-fuss, … Continue reading

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Factory v. Pastured? No Contest. But a Recipe.

The normal supermarket eggs coming from mass factory farms simply do not compare nutritionally to organic pastured eggs from healthy chickens that are allowed to roam freely and eat a more natural, nutritious diet.  Typical grocery store eggs will have … Continue reading

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