Another Fitness Fail Friday

Another Fitness Fail Friday is here! Since I started this weekly post when I was already 14 weeks along, I figure that I had better go back and showcase some of the “exercises” that the authors of Your Pregnancy Week By Week suggest for the first trimester. Take a look at this gem, from week 7 of your pregnancy.

Yes, this is my prescribed exercise routine for the week. The whole week. Except it is not an exercise. Not even a warm-up. It is a stretch, and not a very effective one at that. At least try a staff pose, or this early in pregnancy, why not a downward dog? You will get a great shoulder stretch at the same time! And another question: how on earth is this “exercise” supposed to strengthen my thigh muscles? Or make me stronger and healthier during pregnancy? Or get my body prepared for labor? Well, maybe if I am going to labor lying on my back in a hospital bed, immobile from the epidural, IV, and continuous electronic fetal monitoring, then I do not have to be physically prepared . . .

Here are my workouts for the week, designed to keep me strong, active, and healthy during pregnancy, and to help prepare me for the grueling workout that is natural labor.

Friday 4/15

Yoga – I did a routine that was approximately 45 minutes long, focused on lower body strength and balance (which is definitely not my strong suit!).

Saturday 4/16

2 rounds FT
20 thrusters (20lbs)
10 pull-ups
30 box jumps
10 push-ups
40 walking lunges
10 pull-ups

I hate thrusters. With a passion. That is why I figured it would be a good idea for me to incorporate some into this workout. I keep trying to strengthen my weaknesses.

Sunday 4/17

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
6 deadlifts (75lbs)
9 push-ups
12 box jumps
9 rounds minus 9 box jumps

Yet another day working on my lower body and balance. The box jumps are not that difficult in terms of strength, but rather in terms of balance. I know that most pregnant women become increasingly imbalanced as they grow larger, and I am attempting to counteract this tendency.

Monday 4/18

5×3 Deadlifts (95lbs)
5×3 Press (38lbs)
5×3 Back Squat (50lbs)
5 Turkish Get Ups on each side

Today was a strictly weightlifting day, with a heavy focus on my form, not on lifting heavy.

Tues 4/19

Today was a long day at work and a rest day in terms of workouts. Although, of course, I was not exempted from taking Dakota on her daily walk.

Wed 4/20

As many steps walking lunge as possible in 12 minutes – 206.

A personal record for me. Ouch is all I have to say.

Thur 4/21

4 rounds for time:
30 squats
20 wall ball (6lbs)
20 walking lunges
10 pull-ups

Thanks to the great people at Extreme Fitness for another great workout. It was especially painful for the glutes after the 206 walking lunges on Wednesday, but Nick and I both powered through. He might have beat me, but not by much!

And, as always, I spent about four hours spent walking the dog this week. Dakota is pretty strong, and very intent on chasing squirrels, but she has yet to throw my back out, despite the warnings from my favorite pregnancy advice book.

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