Mommy Brain

New mommy hood has me sleep-deprived and just a little brain-fried, and not quite functioning at full capacity.

I had been looking for my ipod since we returned from the hospital. I am not sure how or when, but it ended up in the dirty clothes basket. Just in case you were wondering, an ipod cannot survive a trip through the washing machine.

No more tunes or podcasts for me, but at least Lucien has clean clothes.

And yeah, about the birth story, NICU story, and post-partum fitness plan – all coming . . . sometime soon.

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1 Response to Mommy Brain

  1. Angie says:

    Hi, this may seem like a weird comment, but I have this feeling that we might live pretty near each other, since I saw in one of your blog posts that you live in Wisconsin and that you’re only around two hours away from Chicago. I live in Janesville, WI and thought that it would be very cool if you were nearby, as you may know of some good farmers markets/meat markets, or even midwives (as I just found out recently I am pregnant). I am always interested in connecting with like-minded people, and we seem to have a bit in common, so I thought I would send you a message and invite you to contact me via E-mail if you wish. Congrats on your new baby! I’ve just started getting sick in the last week or two and have had a very hard time sticking to paleo foods, but am trying for my health and the health of my baby to tough it out!

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