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Old Fashioned, Easy, and Frugal Beef Stew in the Slow Cooker

I had a little bit of beef broth left over from my previous French Onion Soup experiment, and I thought that beef stew would be an ideal way to make use of it. This is an incredibly simple recipe that … Continue reading

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Pregnancy and Learning to Listen to My Body

One of the most surprising effects of becoming pregnant is that I have suddenly become incredibly adept at listening to my body’s cues. I am healthier, more aware, and more in balance than I can ever remember being. Let me … Continue reading

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Go Nuts! Go Bananas! Rich and Gooey Almond Butter Banana Cake

Almost all Neolithic desserts rely heavily on refined sweeteners (white sugar, corn syrup) to achieve their indulgent flavor. Not so with this cake. The only (all-natural!) sweetener it requires is 1/3 cup of honey, which, spread out over the entire … Continue reading

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Gestational Weight Gain: When, How, How Much, and Why?

This weekend I read an interesting study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology concerning excessive gestational weight gain and how it may increase the risk of obesity and high blood pressure in children. (Emily Okin et al., … Continue reading

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Snow Is Still Falling, But Seeds Are Sprouting

So we did get a bit of snow this week, but safe and warm inside of our dining room, I am starting a veritable greenhouse: fruit trees and vegetables galore! It gives me hope that spring really is just around … Continue reading

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Negative Book Review: Why is Pregnancy Viewed as Pathology?

As I mentioned in an earlier post my OB/GYN’s office gave me a folder of information about pregnancy, as well as a book. The book, Your Pregnancy Week by Week, is co-authored by an MD, and supposedly one of the … Continue reading

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Truffle Travails

On a Friday afternoon, I set out to make truffles. My husband, parents, and I were planning to have the extended family over for dinner so that we could break the wonderful news of my pregnancy, and I wanted to … Continue reading

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My Journey Through The Minefield of Exercise and Fitness Advice

Fitness is not my forte. I admit it. I am not particularly strong, and am especially lacking in upper-body strength. But I am working to improve. In my journey towards fitness I made many wrong turns and ran up against … Continue reading

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And a Bonus Recipe For That Leftover Gruyere

The day after my fabulous French onion soup experiment I still had about a half a block of Gruyere cheese left in the fridge, so I used the opportunity to create this amazingly delicious (and pretty simple) egg dish for … Continue reading

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Fantastic and Frugal French Onion Soup

The success of French onion soup depends almost entirely on the quality of the beef broth, and store-bought broth in a can or box (or especially those MSG-laden beef bouillon granules) simply does not cut it. I simmered my own … Continue reading

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