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Diet, Acne, and n=1 Experimentation

I found an interesting blog post the other day over at Seth’s blog about the perverse incentives of the modern healthcare system to let people get sick. It provides expensive treatments for symptoms while failing to investigate the underlying causes. … Continue reading

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In Defense of Lard

Conventional dietary wisdom and the propaganda of the USDA teach that we are to eat a low-fat diet, and that when we do eat fat, it should be unsaturated. According to the diet dictocrats, saturated fat is very, very dangerous. … Continue reading

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Packing a Paleo Lunch

In speaking with the participants of our newly-begun paleo challenge, I am reminded that one of the major ways in which a person can set himself up for success when attempting such a major lifestyle change is to plan ahead … Continue reading

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30-Day Paleo Challenge Begins Tomorrow!

I am very excited to be starting a one-month paleo challenge with some of the members of my local gym. Just yesterday my very articulate and knowledgeable husband, Nick, gave an introductory seminar on paleo nutrition to some of the … Continue reading

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Poultry Problems Turned Into Post-Partum Meal Planning

The thunderstorms that blew through our area led to a bit of a poultry issue at the farm; lightning struck one of the outbuildings, fried the circuits, and caused one of our freezers to fail. We were left with thirteen … Continue reading

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What is the Best Diet?

For those of you who have not yet heard the buzz around the blogosphere, U.S. News recently published a round-up of the best and worst diets. They evaluated and ranked the 20 different diets with help from a panel of … Continue reading

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Probiotics, GBS, and Fun With Lacto-Fermentation

At a recent visit to my midwife, Nick and I got to talking about probiotics and the risk of group B strep. I discussed in an earlier post the risks of group B strep to pregnant women; a woman who … Continue reading

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Homemade Mayo Recipe and Showdown: Which Oil Wins?

I love homemade mayonnaise, for its wonderful flavor and for all of its health benefits. The taste is absolutely nothing like the mayo or Miracle Whip you can buy in the store; even my husband, who had sworn his eternal … Continue reading

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Factory v. Pastured? No Contest. But a Recipe.

The normal supermarket eggs coming from mass factory farms simply do not compare nutritionally to organic pastured eggs from healthy chickens that are allowed to roam freely and eat a more natural, nutritious diet.  Typical grocery store eggs will have … Continue reading

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Edible and Incredible: A Series on Eggs, Plus a Recipe

I love eggs. Fried, scrambled, in omelets, frittatas, custards, baked goods, mayo, and egg salads. They are wonderfully versatile and delicious, not to mention nutritious. I love them so much, in fact, that I am planning to do an entire … Continue reading

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