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Lucien’s NICU Story, Concluded

The eating and weight-gain requirements for discharge were the trickiest, mainly due to the NICU’s asinine policy on feeding. I am a firm believer in feeding infants on demand – allowing them to eat when they are hungry, stop when … Continue reading

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Lucien’s NICU Story, Continued

The other day I left off on Lucien’s story when he was exactly one day old. I was almost overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness. He was stuck in the NICU and there was nothing I could do about it, he … Continue reading

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Lucien’s NICU Story, Part I

The last time I wrote (a week ago, I know – sorry, but I have had other priorities!) I left off with Lucien on my chest immediately post-birth. He screamed like a champ when he came out – I was … Continue reading

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