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Lucien’s NICU Story, Concluded

The eating and weight-gain requirements for discharge were the trickiest, mainly due to the NICU’s asinine policy on feeding. I am a firm believer in feeding infants on demand – allowing them to eat when they are hungry, stop when … Continue reading

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Lucien’s NICU Story, Continued

The other day I left off on Lucien’s story when he was exactly one day old. I was almost overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness. He was stuck in the NICU and there was nothing I could do about it, he … Continue reading

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Lucien’s NICU Story, Part I

The last time I wrote (a week ago, I know – sorry, but I have had other priorities!) I left off with Lucien on my chest immediately post-birth. He screamed like a champ when he came out – I was … Continue reading

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Lucien’s Birth Story

Lucien’s birth story begins the evening of Wednesday, September 7.  I made the drive up to Madison and picked Nick up from law school, and then we went together to our first birthing class. Our instructor was a very nice … Continue reading

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Mommy Brain

New mommy hood has me sleep-deprived and just a little brain-fried, and not quite functioning at full capacity. I had been looking for my ipod since we returned from the hospital. I am not sure how or when, but it … Continue reading

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Welcome, Lucien!

Lucien James Born 9:02 am, September 8, 2011 Five and a half weeks premature 6 lbs 6 oz 18 ½ inches long We are so happy to welcome our new baby boy! Just a quick post to let the world … Continue reading

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Stealthy Zucchini Brownies

Here is another delicious recipe for camouflaged zucchini – again in baked goods, although a sweeter version this time! Adding zucchini to brownies works surprisingly well because of the moisture (or gooey factor) that it provides – just be sure … Continue reading

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Herbed, Oranged, and Roasted Chicken

Yes, I did just make ‘orange’ into a verb. This is a very yummy way to prepare a whole chicken – I love the interplay of fresh citrus flavors and herbs. The crispy roasted skin was so amazing I absolutely … Continue reading

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No-Brainer Paleo Monday: Beefy Zucchini Skillet

I was honestly in the mood for zucchini the other night – no camouflage required – so I whipped up this no-brainer one-skillet dinner that showcases the flavors of zucchini and tomatoes from our garden, and ground beef from our … Continue reading

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Diet, Acne, and n=1 Experimentation

I found an interesting blog post the other day over at Seth’s blog about the perverse incentives of the modern healthcare system to let people get sick. It provides expensive treatments for symptoms while failing to investigate the underlying causes. … Continue reading

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