Fitness Fail Friday, Volume III

If you are new, check out my original Fitness Fail post here. As for this week’s ‘exercise,’ I have nicknamed it the ‘preschool pose.’ Now girls, sit cross-legged on the floor and raise your hand if you wish to speak. It appears that the authors have chosen another stretch, and another not very good one, to masquerade as an exercise. And this is the exercise for the entire week eight of pregnancy. Already it looks as if we are supposed to behave as virtual invalids. I, however, am (now in week 16) still lifting pretty heavy for a preggo. . .

Friday 4/22

Not near my pre-pregnancy max, but enough to get the muscles engaged and focus a bit more on my form, I did 5×5 100 lb deadlifts. And then, in my continuing quest to achieve the perfect push-up, I greased the groove with 150 total push-ups throughout the day.

Saturday 4/23

A 400m warm-up run followed by

20 walking lunges
20 pull-ups
40 box jumps
20 double-unders
25 dips
20 knees to elbows
30 kettlebell swings (25lbs)
20 hang squat cleans (33lbs)
20 back extensions

I am getting better at double unders now that I am pregnant. Go figure. The hang squat cleans, however, totally trashed my shoulders; I take it as a sign that I need to focus on my form, because the weight was not that heavy. (And while we are on the subject, thanks for the shoulder rubs, Sweetie!) Other than my shoulders, though, I felt really good after this workout.

Sunday 4/24

Today was 45 minutes of fairly intense yoga, including a lot of leg work, warrior poses, and chair poses, followed by a bit of stretching and flexibility work.

Monday 4/25


Tuesday 4/26

5 rounds for time:
5 hang power clean (33lbs)
5 push jerks (33lbs)
5 back squat (33lbs)
5 pull-ups
15 knees to elbows

The cleans were much better today, probably because I find it easier to concentrate on form when doing power cleans

Wednesday 4/27

Thrusters (20lbs)

I love to hate this workout. Mostly because thrusters are an incredibly effective exercise that I know will hurt the next day. And yes, I hurt the next day. My time was nothing stellar; I was a bit tired this morning, and hence took it easier than usual. . . no use making the baby gasp for oxygen.

Thursday 4/28

5 rounds for time:
12 deadlift (75lbs)
9 hang power clean (38lbs)
6 push jerk (38lbs)

It was another named workout today, this time a hero WOD. I felt great afterwards, and very energized. My cleans are getting better and better, and I feel that I am reaping quite the benefit from all of the deadlifts that I have been doing lately.

And then I did an easy cool-down 2k row on the Concept 2 – 10:12.

As always, I spent between four and five hours walking around town with Dakota. It has been a dreadfully rainy week, but she still has lots of energy and, well, I have boots and an umbrella.

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