24 Weeks and the Best Belly Pic Ever!

This picture is my absolute favorite. I was setting up the standard belly shot, but Nick surprised me and snuck in just as I was snapping the picture. Too sweet. At 24 weeks, I am still feeling great, with no real symptoms or ailments to report; I continue to be (thankfully!) boringly healthy. I credit healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

The one difference that I have noticed, however, is that sleep is more necessary for me now than a few months ago. If I get adequate sleep I feel wonderful, but if I miss a few hours it effects me much more obviously than it did before I got pregnant. Lack of sleep can really catch up with me now. Last week was a bit of a challenge for me; with my new job, I am working more hours than usual and coming home later in the evenings, which makes getting to bed at a decent hour a bit of a challenge. I could feel tiredness starting to creep up on me, so lately I have been making sleep a high priority, dimming the lights as soon as I get home to stimulate melatonin production, and having a higher-carb snack (think: banana) before bed to tire me out a little bit more. I am finding out that the itis can be my friend! And today I am back to feeling my healthy, happy, glowing, energized, pregnant self. I woke up feeling rested, had plenty of energy for my workout this morning, enjoyed some sunshine and a long leisurely walk with Dakota, and am just feeling great in general.

I have gained a total of 12 ½ pounds over the last 24 weeks; my little boy has been going through a growth spurt lately. I hear that 20-30 weeks is the time what that is supposed to happen, so I am cheering him on to grow big and strong and healthy. All of the weight that I have gained seems to be squarely situated in my belly. I am still wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans and they are actually fitting a bit loosely, so I am in need of a belt. I am using the same belt, and the same hole, as I did pre-pregnancy.

Our next meeting with the midwives is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, and I am excited to talk with them, hear my little boy’s heartbeat again, and see how he is measuring. I am also looking forward to getting an expert opinion as to his position. He was breech during my ultrasound, and the placement of his kicks confirmed what I saw on the screen. Lately, however, I have been feeling stronger movements (what I take to be kicks rather than punches) much higher in my abdomen, at about the height of my belly button, so I suspect that he has flipped around. I know that it is very early in pregnancy to start worrying about a breech baby, and he will probably flip many more times between now and his birth, but I would be happy to know that he is spending at least some time in the head-down position.

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1 Response to 24 Weeks and the Best Belly Pic Ever!

  1. Nicha says:

    Congrats Ellen!! I’m sooo beyond happy for you two!

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