South of the Border Boston Butt: Pork Carnitas

I am intent on preparing the last of the pork in the freezer. My project today? The Boston butt roast. Nick loves Boston butt. He says it is one of his favorite parts of the pig. And it is a great cut – one of the cheapest in the store, and extremely flavorful. He will chop his Boston butt up in to steaks and fry them up in the pan, then devour all of the gristly fatty goodness. I have slightly different tastes; I prefer my tough cuts of meat to be cooked slowly in the crock pot, until they become fall-apart tender. This recipe is one that the two of us could agree on; we both enjoyed it immensely. Nick agreed heartily that it was a worthy use for one of his favorite parts of a pig. It reminded me of our first Christmas Eve as a married couple, with his family in Chicago . . . dinner was a spread of burritos, taquitos, tortilla chips with spicy guacamole and bean dips, flan, and a whole bunch of other delicacies (new to me) that I gobbled down with gusto. I come from a decidedly different Midwestern culinary tradition, but I love other cuisines, and I love trying new experiments. So here is my successful experiment with spicy, south of the border style carnitas, using the delicious and versatile Boston butt, which is (just a little piece of trivia) actually from the shoulder of the pig.

Boston butt roast, 3-4lbs
Cooking oil of your choice
1 large onion, chopped
6 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup diced tomatoes
1 ½ tbsp cumin
3 tsp red pepper flakes
2 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
¼ cup apple cider vinegar
3 tbsp honey
2 tbsp hot sauce
1 tbsp Worstershire sauce

Sauté the onions and garlic in your cooking oil of choice, then add all of the ingredients (minus the pork) to your pan and mix thoroughly. Slice your pork in half lengthwise and place in the bottom of your slow cooker, then pour your spicy tomato mixture over the top. Cover and cook on low all day long – ten to twelve hours. (Maybe be out of the house, though; it starts to smell temptingly good after only about four hours.) When the meat is fall-apart tender, fish it out of the slow cooker and, using two forks, shred it. The fatty cooking juices remaining in the bottom of the crock pot could provide the basis for a great sauce, or they could also be a great dog treat. Dakota has very expressive big brown eyes and I am a sucker, so they were used for dog treats at our house.

I chose to serve my meat with some lightly sautéed red onion and green bell pepper – they provided a bit of crunch and some color variety, and contributed nicely to the south of the border spirit of the meat. Nick is getting half of the leftovers in his lunch tomorrow, and the other half I am saving for myself. I will be enjoying my second helping of meat topped with some shredded jalapeno jack.

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14 Responses to South of the Border Boston Butt: Pork Carnitas

  1. Shyla says:

    Ai-yai-yai-yai!!! This looks good – I can almost smell and taste it!

  2. Cecile says:

    wow, looks very yummy :-)!

  3. vernz says:

    Ok, thanks for sharing this how to… hmmm must try.. looks yummy. was here for ftf .. hope you can drop by.

  4. prettymom says:

    wow! yummilicious…Happy FTF. Mine is up now.

  5. This one will surely be hubby’s favorite!

  6. darly says:

    first time ive heard of this pork dish, will try it out as my family are crazy over any porky meals.

    My FTF entry is now up too, hope you check it out. Happy foodtrippin and have a fab weekend.
    Food and Passion
    I Love Darly!

  7. Miz Helen says:

    Oh my,
    I can just about smell this cooking and can almost taste it. Your recipe looks delicious, one that we would really enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you next week!

  8. Your pork carnitas made me hungry!

    Please check my FTF entry for this week: Alokon Ilocano Dish
    Much ♥,
    Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews

  9. Arlene says:

    i can imagine both of you enjoyed that meat recipe. 🙂

    have some pizza!

  10. cheerful says:

    looks really delicious and sounds so great, thanks for sharing your recipe! visiting late from ftf, sorry…have a great week!

  11. hellaD says:

    Oh yummy! What a tasty dish, thanks so much for adding this to World Food Thursdays!

  12. Marelie says:

    This is so good.thanks for sharing.Im sure its a winner for me and my family.

  13. I love the spices in this – yum! And I had always giggled about Boston butt roast, thinking it was from, well, not from the shoulder! That is a cool piece of trivia 🙂 Thank you for sharing this post with Feed Me Tweet Me Follow Me Home Friday last week. Have a lovely weekend!

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