Fitness Friday

Welcome to my new weekly post detailing my workouts. My fitness goals during pregnancy are mainly to maintain my strength and prepare my body for a natural labor, so I am focusing a great deal of energy on my core and midline stabilization muscles, as well as squatting muscles. Since squatting is the birthing position that opens the pelvis most fully, I want t be sure that those squatting muscles are prepared when my due date arrives.

For this past week I have been completing mainly short and intense CrossFit-style workouts, and also getting plenty of time out in the fresh (albeit chilly) air walking with the dog. Monday through Friday we go out walking together for anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. On the weekends when Nick is home during the day he is kind enough to take over that duty.

Friday 3/25

4 rounds:
Carry 75lbs (back rack) to end of our driveway and back
20 knees to elbows
Followed by:
4 rounds
Carry 75lbs
:30 plank

For this workout I wanted to focus on midline stabilization and balance by carrying a fairly heavy weight in the back rack position. I loaded up the bar in our garage gym and carried it out the garage, to the end of the drive and back, and then mixed it up with some other core exercises. I am beginning to develop the slightest belly pudge, so I think that I am done with crunches for a while now. The knees t elbows and planks are my new favorite core exercises, and you will see that they both reappear frequently in my workout schedule.

Saturday 3/26

6 rounds:
10 push-ups
10 yoga push-ups
:30sec plank
:30sec wall squat

The yoga push-ups are basically just transitioning from downward-facing dog through Chaturanga and to upward-facing dog. This provided some upper-body strengthening as well as a nice stretch.

Sunday 3/27

15min yoga warm-up
5×3 pull-ups
5×3 45lb back squat
5×3 45lb push jerk
5 2-min planks

The yoga that I did on this day was basically designed to stretch and loosen my hamstrings, which have been tight of late. Then I moved to a quick weightlifting workout. I am playing with lower volume on the pull-ups and less assistance, attempting to build a bit more strength. I have been neglecting my back squat of late, so I just squatted with the bar on this day, in an attempt to get my body used to the motion again, and t get my (ever-worsening:) balance back in line. I am also toying with longer plank holds and more core endurance, and I made it to ten minutes total in the plank position for this workout.

Monday 3/28

:40work, :20rest for 3 rounds of:
Chin-ups (9, 9, 8 )
Push-ups (19, 18, 17)
Knees to elbows (26, 24, 24)
Wall squat

This workout involved what the CrossFit community would call “Fat Tabata” intervals.

Tuesday 3/29

3 rounds:
30 one-leg deadlift squats (5lbs – yup, my balance is bad!)
15 push-ups
20 walking lunges
25 chair dips

This workout looks fairly easy on paper, and even after I finished it I thought that I had gone relatively light. I mean, only five pounds on the deadlift squats – easy! But my hamstrings and glutes were sore for 48 hours afterwards. I guess that it was more difficult than I thought. I love finding really effective movements, and I think that I will be incorporating lots of those one-leg deadlift squats into future workouts.

Wednesday 3/30

5 2:15 planks

Since I was so sore on the following day, I decided to give my legs a break and just focus on my core. I am feeling a lot more comfortable in the plank position lately, and plan on continuing to increase the time that I spend there.

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