12 Week Belly

In celebration of week twelve of my pregnancy (today, officially!), I decided to post some pictures of my growing belly.

This is what I looked like at week four, shortly after we found out I was pregnant . . .

. . . and here is the belly at week twelve . . .

While I am not really ‘showing’ yet to the world at large, I do have an obviously larger belly, and Nick and I are both gleefully aware of its growth. It is about time to break out the cocoa butter and attempt to do our best to preempt those stretch marks!

As far as weight gain goes, I still am at my pre-pregnancy weight and holding steady. My goal is to start gaining in about another two weeks. For now, I think that all of the excess weight in my body is simply migrating to my midsection.

My appetite recently has been quite impressive. I am generally hungriest in the mornings; I have no need for an alarm because my growling stomach wakes me up, and I find myself eating much more frequently throughout the day. While I am eating more regularly, I am only consuming one or two hundred calories more than my normal maintenance diet. The difference is, though, that the diet I am now consuming is much more nutrient-dense, and almost entirely free of junk.

I am also discovering that pregnancy makes me very thirsty. I have never been much of a water drinker, but now I am consuming two or three .75l camelbacks of water every day, in addition to my regular herbal tea and whatever I drink with meals.

Pregnancy also leaves me a tad bit more tired than usual, so I am sleeping about an extra hour each day. Other than that, though, I am symptom-free. No morning sickness, acid reflux, digestive problems, or any of the other rather unpleasant pregnancy symptoms I often hear about. I am counting my blessings and singing the praises of my paleo-esque diet. I have never felt more in tune with my body, healthier, or happier!

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