The Inaugural Blog Post (Introductions Are Always Awkward)

I begin a new blog as I begin a new chapter in my life. I conceived the idea of creating an online forum of ideas at about the same time I conceived my first child, and now, at about nine weeks along in my pregnancy, I am putting my ideas into action. With all of the reading and research I have been doing, as well as all the planning, preparing, and thinking, I felt compelled to share my new found knowledge with a greater community, and to engage in dialogue with like-minded parents.

I have a master’s degree in Slavic Languages and Literature (I speak Russian and French, and can understand Polish and Czech reasonably well, given a patient interlocutor) and am somewhere on the road toward a PhD, although my roots are on a farm, with good home cooking, home-grown vegetables, lots of healthy and happy animals, and loving family. As I look ahead to having my first child, I find myself looking back more and more to these roots.

My views on health and nutrition are strongly influenced by the paleo eating movement, and I will return to this topic in much more detail in my later posts. My views on childbirth and parenting also emphasize what is natural, unmedicated, and gentlest for my child. I am currently planning a midwife-attended home birth, and learning all about baby wearing and extended breastfeeding.

I am a free-thinking and well-read individual with a libertarian streak, not afraid to question the status quo. Be sure to check back regularly for (unconventional but evidence-backed) information on healthy, evolutionary-based eating during pregnancy and beyond; luscious kitchen-tested recipes; ideas on how to stay functionally fit and move in harmony with your body; information on health and health care for mothers and their growing babies; musings on midwifery and natural birth; gentle parenting choices; pregnancy, childrearing, and nutrition book reviews; gardening tips and agricultural tales, and so very much more.

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