Fitness Friday for 2 September

I am now 34 weeks along in my pregnancy, and this past week the following realization has hit me hard: I have a decreased lung capacity. My baby is growing big and strong, and he is pressing up on my diaphragm, making it significantly more difficult for me to take a deep breath. My normal metabolic conditioning workouts are harder, not because I am feeling any weaker, but because I cannot catch my breath. So I have decided to switch things up a bit, and work as well as I can within my new limitations. This means, for me, a lot more greasing the groove and lifting slightly heavier weights, but without regard to speed – think more traditional weightlifting and less CrossFit. Things have been going remarkably well. I am feeling healthy and strong and energized since I have adopted this new workout philosophy and slightly less strenuous regime. I felt so energized, in fact, that I only took one full rest day last week, instead of the two I had promised myself. Here is exactly what I have been up to, in addition, of course, to my obligatory five-hour minimum of walking with the dog:


5 rounds for time:
5 pull-ups
20 kettlebell swings (26lbs)

This is the workout when the breathlessness hit me. I was planning to do more rounds, but it just was not going to happen. Enter modified workout routine!




Greasing the groove: 300 kettlebell swings (26lbs) and 100 pull-ups

Pull-ups are one of my weakest movements, and one of the movements that I most want to improve. Kettlebell swings are a great full-body exercise, but they especially focus on those core, midline stabilization, and pelvic floor muscles, which are all so important to maintain during pregnancy.


20 minutes of yoga


3k row on the C2 machine

I did this at a slow pace. Seriously slow. Like 16 minutes. But it is hard to breathe, and hard to get anywhere close to full extension with my belly, so I am not horribly worried about my time.


5×5 110lbs deadlifts
5×5 43lbs strict press
10×3 pull-ups
10×3 ring dips (with the blue band for assistance – sadly enough, but I suppose I am carrying extra weight)
10×3 bent-over rows with the 18lbs kettlebell
10×3 60lbs weighted step-ups

Today was a nice session of traditional weightlifting, no focus on time, so I had ample time to catch my breath between sets.

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