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Sweet Tater Cakes

I have been on a paleo pancake kick lately! Maybe I love pancakes so much because they are one of those childhood comfort foods. I have already experimented with banana and coconut flour cakes, and today my week of paleo … Continue reading

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Banana Pancakes

Bananas make a tasty, slightly sweet egg carrier. This recipe is deliciously simple and easy to put together on a busy morning. The opposite of yesterday’s coconut flour pancakes, these fellows produce a rather runny batter, rather like crepes. I … Continue reading

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Paleo Pancakes with Coconut Flour

I used to love eating pancakes – the grain-based kind, preferably with chocolate chips in the batter, and lots of maple syrup for topping. I still am a fan of pancakes, although now I stick to paleo ingredients. Maybe I … Continue reading

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Gardening and Urban Foraging

The garden out at the farm is looking beautiful, and some of the first vegetables are already full-grown and ready to be picked. Like the turnips, for example. I planted them at the very end of May,  expecting them to … Continue reading

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Easy Paleo Chocolate Pudding

Alright so maybe it is not quite as easy as a box of jell-o, but it is darn close, and a whole lot healthier – no hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, or refined sugars. And no dairy, either. In fact, this … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday for July 15

Today I am exactly three months away from my due date! And I am feeling great, too. I did not even take a full rest day this week; I just forgot about it, since I was not feeling fatigued. On … Continue reading

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Asian-Inspired Pork Lettuce Wraps

This is another easy slow-cooker recipe that is perfect for busy days when I will be out of the house and working, but still want a hot meal waiting when dinner time rolls around. Assembly is a snap, and neglecting … Continue reading

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(Slightly Belated) Belly Pics and 26-Week Update

Nick and I were in the car traveling home from a family get-together not too long ago, and he looked over at me (with my hand in its customary, almost unconscious position over my belly) and said “I can tell … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sassy Meatballs in the Slow Cooker

Today I am taking a break from my recent slew of chicken recipes (we all need a little variety!) and sharing a ground beef recipe that went over well in our house. We still have some ground beef in the … Continue reading

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Egg (Anti-Mc)Muffins

In spite of containing mainly eggs and no grains whatsoever, these guys really do resemble muffins, with their surprisingly bread-like consistency, although they are much tastier, healthier, and more filling than bread. (They are not at all eggy in texture, … Continue reading

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