Fitness Friday : Competing Against My Pre-Pregnant Self, and Winning!

I first began crossfitting about a year and a half ago, and I recently came across my old log book, which detailed my first year of workouts. Crossfit Oahu, where I worked out and Nick coached, had some great programming, and I was in need of some workout inspiration, so I decided to repeat a bunch of those WODs that I did when I had only been crossfitting about five months, and see how my third-trimester-pregnant self competes with my still-fairly-new-to-crossfit self. Nothing gets me motivated like a challenge, and I am very happy competing against myself.

So I began a new game this week, attempting to best some of my previous workout times.
What I discovered, much to my delight, is that (even as largely pregnant as I am) I am still faster and stronger than I was a year ago. Something in my workout and nutrition plan must be working!


26lb kettlebell swings
33lb push press
(Compare to 13:32 one year ago.)


50 push-ups
15 KBS
40 push-ups
15 KBS
30 push-ups
15 KBS
20 push-ups
15 KBS
10 push-ups
(Compare to 15:29 one year ago, and what a difference! I distinctly remember this workout, and how unbelievably mad I was at myself for not being able to do the push-ups. My upper-body strength has improved considerably since then!)


20min yoga


5 rounds for time
12 75lb deadlifts
9 33lb hang power cleans
6 33lb push jerks
(Compare to 11:06 with 65lb deadlifts one year ago, and it looks like I am both faster and stronger!)


5×5 110lb deadlifts first thing in the morning, just to wake myself up, then
20min yoga


Row for calories
(Compare with 6:52 one year ago. I am faster, but not by that much on this workout – the belly keeps me from getting full extension and thus optimum speed on the rower.)


3 rounds for maximum reps:
30sec 65lb DL (53 total)
1min 18lb front squat (32 total)
1min 33lb push press (49 total)
1min rest

Those front squats are getting very difficult. I feel constantly out of balance and am having a hard time moving any amount of weight, which is probably due to the fact that I am already carrying around an extra 15lbs in front. Otherwise, though, I felt good about this workout. My upper-body strength has certainly improved thanks to crossfit.

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