(Slightly Belated) Belly Pics and 26-Week Update

Nick and I were in the car traveling home from a family get-together not too long ago, and he looked over at me (with my hand in its customary, almost unconscious position over my belly) and said “I can tell you love our baby.” When I asked him what prompted this comment, he told me to look at how the fabric covering my stomach was worn-out and starting to pill. Sure enough, I keep my hands on my stomach so often that even my newer maternity clothes are starting to see some wear and tear in that area. Guess I am already a protective and affectionate mama.

I had a wonderful 24-week visit with the midwives, and they confirmed my suspicion that my little man is now in a head-down position. His heartbeat is strong and regular, right in the desired range, and all of my vitals are exactly where they should be as well. My blood pressure remained at exactly 110/70 – just like is was at every other prenatal visit. I am certainly consistent, and have no reason to worry about preeclampsia yet! I have no aches or pains, no swelling or edema, and no other ailments to report. My weight gain has slowed dramatically in the past two weeks – I am still only 13 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight – which I take to mean that my son’s 22-24 week growth spurt is over. Maybe that is a good thing, considering that I measured 26 weeks (according to fundal height) at the 24 week appointment. Nick and I suspect that our baby is going to be a fairly large at birth – I certainly feel like my body is stretching quite a bit to accommodate a large baby! I snapped these pictures immediately after my morning workout, when I was exactly 26 weeks and one day.

We had a great conversation with our midwives, and I was very glad to hear a normal heartbeat, see healthy vitals, and get a professional confirmation that my baby was in the head-down position. The highlight of the visit, however, was immediately after my midwife measured my fundal height; Nick and I were still looking at my stomach, and we – for the first time, at the same time – saw my entire stomach move when the baby kicked. It was a very magical moment, and now one of my favorite activities is sitting and watching my stomach move during his active phases; that little boy has certainly been getting a lot stronger lately.

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5 Responses to (Slightly Belated) Belly Pics and 26-Week Update

  1. I am 30 weeks pregnant and my baby girl always stays on my right side of my belly. I am shocked at how strong she is when she kicks. In fact she is so strong she is bruising my ribs. Makes me wonder how much stronger she is going to get 🙂

    • elliemaeh says:

      It is such an amazing feeling to have a baby moving inside you . . . I think that I will miss it after he is born. What always takes me by surprise is when he flips over – it is like my entire abdomen is shifting around. I might be dealing with bruises a few months down the road, too 🙂 Congratulations on your strong and healthy little girl!

  2. We are almost on the same boat! I am 24/25 weeks pregnant right now and feel that I’m carrying a fairly large baby. Also, I am having a boy! (found your blog via a recipe posted in Twitter)

    • elliemaeh says:

      Congratulations! It has been such an exciting time for me – and my baby has, much like yours, been very active at night. It makes sleeping a bit trickier, but I love feeling him move around inside of me.

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