Chocolate Banana Ice Cream (Dairy-Free, No Added Sugars)

I love ice cream. I used to love Ben and Jerry’s, although I gave that up. Now I am enjoying experimenting with paleo ingredients to make indulgent ice cream treats that do not leave me with a sugar crash, or that super-sweet aftertaste that makes me want to run and brush my teeth. The more I focus on eating real foods and the less I taste refined sweeteners, the more delicious these nutritious paleo ingredients become to me. I now like my paleo versions of ice cream better than the stuff I find at the grocery store. This is a delicious and refreshing frozen treat for the Fourth of July, or any hot summer day.

This is a super-duper easy and delicious summer treat . . . dairy-free ice cream that contains only two ingredients and no added sugars – just the sweet deliciousness of fresh fruit and the antioxidant power of cacao. I added honey to the ingredients list, put the honey is truly optional, especially if you have over-ripe bananas that are already naturally very sweet. The honey-less result tastes very much like a dark chocolate covered banana, and I love it.

2 bananas
1 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tsp honey (optional)

Blend together in a food processor, freeze in your ice cream maker, and enjoy. Ice cream does not get any easier (or guilt-free) than that.

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11 Responses to Chocolate Banana Ice Cream (Dairy-Free, No Added Sugars)

  1. That seriously looks delicious. Just my kind of treat.

  2. This sounds FANTASTIC! I’m definitely going to try it and I’ve bookmarked your blog! I’ve just begun to research the Paleo lifestyle, so I’ll be anxious to peek into your archives. Thanks for sharing!

    • elliemaeh says:

      I am so glad that you are looking into the paleo diet! It has done wonders for my health. I tried low-fat, calorie counting, and even vegetarian for a while, all with abysmal results, and making the switch to paleo has left me feeling unbelievably healthy and energized. I hope that my blog can provide you with some paleo cooking inspiration.

  3. This recipe is always a winner for me. 🙂 I like it with peanut butter. Still have to try it with carob though to get that chocolate flavor. Thanks for sharing with everyone at this week’s Sugar Free Sunday virtual potluck!

    • elliemaeh says:

      Thanks – you just inspired me to try this with almond butter! I love the almond-banana combination, and it would be a great way to work some healthy fats into the recipe!

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  5. Hi, I’ve been on the hunt to the best non-dairy ice-cream recipe and your recipe looks perfect. I’ll have to give it a try. I stopped by from Feed Me Tweet Me.
    Good luck with your new arrival. I’m now following you so I can keep up with how well you and the baby are doing and your healthy recipes.
    Please stop by if you have a quick moment before you have the baby.
    Take care,

    • elliemaeh says:

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note, and I am glad to hear that I provided you with some ice cream inspiration. I am not sure if I prefer the chocolate banana, or the strawberry rhubarb ice cream. If you are dairy-free, coconut milk is an amazing ice cream base, just because it is so thick and creamy. I have some more ice cream experiments in the works (it is a favorite treat of mine in this hot weather), so hopefully I will be able to come up with a few more winners for you.

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  8. Great post! I really enjoyed it!

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