Fitness Friday for July 1

I cannot believe that it is July already! That means that I am only three months away from meeting my baby boy! Things are still going well for me on the fitness front, and since I have been sleeping much better recently I have plenty of energy for workouts. I am, however, keeping some extra yoga workouts in my rotation to help with relaxation, stretching, and preparing my body for labor. As for my other, CrossFit-style workouts, I am still going strong, and continue to focus on strengthening my core in preparation for labor, especially through kettlebell swings. They are an absolutely wonderful full-body exercise and manage to give my core stabilization muscles a great workout. They are so much more effective, and more fun, than sit-ups, for pregnant and non-pregnant people alike! It is actually quite a blessing that during pregnancy we are not able to lie on our backs or crunch our stomachs for sit-ups, because it has led me to discover some much more efficient exercises. With swings and planks in my repertoire, I am never going back to the monotony of just plain old sit-ups.


5 rounds for time:
5 pull-ups
5 push press (36lbs)
25 kettlebell swings (26lbs)


Yoga – 50 minutes, focused on lower body strength


4 rounds of :30 work :30 rest
Pull-ups – I got 32 total
Kettlebell swings at 26lbs – I got 63 total
Push-ups – 56 total
Squats – 61 total


5 rounds for time:
5 pull-ups
10 deadlifts
15 push-ups
20 kettlebell swings


5×5 back squat (55lbs)
5×5 deadlifts (100lbs)
5×5 pull-ups
Yoga – 30 minutes, focused on hip opening and stretching



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