Fitness Friday For June 17

Here is my weekly record of what I have been doing in the gym. This past week I began a different teaching job, teaching intensive first- and second-year Russian at a summer language program. The new job means increased work and increased stress, as well as decreased sleep, so I have been sticking to shorter CrossFit workouts that are less likely to spike my cortisol, and enjoying yoga workouts more frequently.


5×5 95lbs deadlifts (first thing in the morning, just to wake up my muscles)
followed by yoga – about 30 minutes, with a focus on the lower body


5 overhead squats (20lbs)
5 pull-ups
5 thrusters
5 pull-ups
5 front squats
5 pull-ups
5 back squats (45lbs)
5 pull-ups
50 walking lunges
5 pull-ups

I am making a continued effort to maintain my pull-up strength even as I gain weight (I did lots of pull-ups this week), and also focusing on lower-body strength and midline stabilization. Since I can no longer do traditional ab work, total-body movements like the overhead squat are becoming my way of keeping my midline strong in preparation for labor.


Back squats (45lbs)
Ring dips


4 rounds:
30 kettlebell swings
5 pull-ups


3×3 33lbs back squats (warm-up)
5×5 55lbs back squats
5×5 95lbs deadlifts
10×5 pull-ups



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