19 Week (Belated) Belly and Pregnancy Updates

The belly is looking considerably larger at 19 weeks (which was officially Saturday). I remember thinking that it was large when I was 16 weeks along, but I looked back at the pictures and realized that I had a very trim waist back then. I think that I am going to keep having this same realization all the way until October. I have put a few maternity tops into my wardrobe rotation, and now I wear Nick’s tee-shirts during workouts. This week, for the first time, somebody who had not previously known that I was pregnant looked at my belly and asked about the baby. It was very exciting for me. I think it means that I have passed the stage where I kinda-sorta look pregnant but people do not want to say anything offensive, just in case I am merely thick through the middle. Now I look unmistakably pregnant. Yay!

So far I have gained only seven pounds, but I have added a whopping 13 inches to my waistline. I measured 24 inches before I conceived, and I am now up to 37. Nick thinks it is pretty cool to brag about how he now has a slimmer midline than I do. Just wait until I am post-partum, though . . . my motivation will be to get back to being smaller than he is.

The most exciting piece of news from this week is that I finally felt that little guy or gal move! The sensation was very much like popcorn popping against the inside of my stomach – at least that is the best analogy I can come up with. It has happened only a few times, and only when I am lying still in bed at night (or perhaps that is the only time that I am still and tuned-in enough to notice). I suspect, though, that this little one might be a night owl just like I was.

For the past few weeks I did have some troubles sleeping, and I wondered if this might be related to being pregnancy – maybe I was having a tough time finding a comfortable position for my changing body? Then Nick pointed out that the days are getting longer, and we do not have a very high-quality shade on our bedroom window. I probably should have thought of that. I doubt my melatonin production is very high when it is bright outside in the evenings, and when I wake up at five something in the morning, it is probably because the sun is shining in the window, telling me that I had better get moving. Since we are saving for baby I really did not want to go out and buy a new window shade, so I grabbed some aluminum foil and tape and set out to creatively solve the problem. The window is now covered with foil and taped around the edges so that almost no light gets in. The foil is camouflaged by the shade (from the outside) and by the curtains (from the inside) so nobody would ever know that it is there. The first night after I installed it, I slept in until after eight. It was wonderful – problem solved. Making some modest efforts to turn off lights and avoid the computer in the late evening is also helping me get good sleep.

I have been feeling very healthy, as good or better physically than pre-pregnancy. I am very grateful to report that I have experienced absolutely none of the pregnancy complaints that I read about in all of the guidebooks. No nausea, indigestion, heartburn, or anything of the sort. I do have to eat more frequently than I am used to, and always first thing in the morning, and when I do become hungry it is immediate and undeniable. But I know that is just the little guy or gal putting in requests for nourishment, so I am happy to oblige. Eggs, chicken, berries, yogurt, and cabbage (which is exceedingly odd for me) have been the most frequently requested foods lately. And some dark chocolate as well . . . but that might just be mom’s taste buds talking.

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