Fitness Friday

Welcome to another fitness Friday! Here is what I have been up to for the past week, along with walking Dakota pretty much every day. The weather was perfect for a walk last night, too. Let us all hope it stays that way! It would be good for my tomato plants as well.

I have been feeling great, no pregnancy complaints to speak of, and I generally I have had lots of energy for my workouts. My body is not sending me any signals that I need to slow down, so I am happily continuing with my CrossFit-ty workout routine.


9 rounds:
3 pull-ups
3 hang power clean (33lbs)
3 strict press (33lbs)
6 weighted step-ups (33lbs)
9 knees to elbows


20 burpees
20 air squats
400m run
20 wall ball
20 box jumps
400m run
20 knees to elbows
20 kettlebell swings (26lbs)
400m run
20 walking lunges
20 sumo deadlift high pulls (26lbs kettlebell)
400m run


Yoga, 30 minutes, with an emphasis on flexibility (not my strong suit!)


I was feeling not quite up to a regular, timed CrossFit workout today, but I still wanted to get my body moving. I did 150 kettlebell swings with the 26lbs kettlebell – not for time – and then I rowed a nice, leisurely 2k. I finished in 10:22, which made me feel very good, because a few years ago, when I had just started CrossFit, that was about what my PR looked like.


4 rounds for time:
400m run
:40 plank
20 wall ball

My goal was to finish in under 20 minutes, and I did!


Today was originally going to be a rest day. And it was a rest day from CrossFit workouts, but I ended up spending about an hour hauling chicken manure out of the coop and out to the back of the pasture -several hundred pounds of it. The waste can really pile up when the animals are forced inside for the winter months. In the end, it felt like a tougher workout than a lot of WOD’s I have done. But the coop is now clean and fresh, the pasture has some good fertilizer, and I feel a sense of accomplishment.


As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:
5 deadlifts (75lbs)
5 push jerk (38lbs)
11 rounds + 5 deadlifts

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