The Chickens are Here!

Actually, the second batch of meat chickens is here. The first batch is in the freezer, waiting to be thawed and cooked. The second group of meat chickens just arrived at the farm this past weekend. In the pictures they are about ten days old. Cute little buggers, they are! They will be staying inside their coop and under heat lamps a bit longer, until they are about four weeks old. At that point they will be big and strong enough to go outside and enjoy their expansive chicken play yard/pasture, dig for grubs, roam freely, and basically be happy, healthy, active birds.

In the meantime, I will be posting a whole slew of chicken recipes, the fruits of my experimentation on the first batch of meat chickens of the year. Stop by tomorrow for the first installment, my ultimate roast chicken recipe.

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1 Response to The Chickens are Here!

  1. Shu Han says:

    can’t wait (:

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