Fitness Friday

Welcome back to my weekly workout post. This is what I have been up to for the past seven days.

Friday 4/1

Greasing the groove – 250 1-leg deadlift squats with a 5lb weight

Since I was so sore from my workout last week involving deadlift squats and walking lunges, I decided to devote two days this week to those exact movements, and hopefully improve my strength. On Friday I was greasing the groove, or performing the movement consistently throughout the day. (I would do ten or twenty repetitions, continue on with my life, and then in another half hour or so pick up my weight and start again.) These are really helping me with my balance; I am starting with only a five pound weight because my balance needs a lot of help.

Saturday 4/2

30 minutes of yoga, 30 minutes of hauling hay bales and cattle feed on the farm

In the morning on Saturday I did a yoga routine geared toward total-body flexibility, and then in the afternoon I pitched in at the farm, cleaning out the chicken coop, repositioning lots of hay bales, and hauling 50lb bags of feed. I love functional workouts!

Sunday 4/3

Shoulders and Arms P90X workout

I completed this P90X upper-body workout again this week, which involved about 45 minutes of lifting weights. I am proud to say that I have significantly improved my performance on P90X workouts over the past five months or so. It is very encouraging for me to look at my workout logs from when I started the program.

Monday 4/4


I had a busy work day on Monday, so it turned into my rest day for the week.

Tuesday 4/5

Greasing the groove – 250 walking lunges

I revisited the other exercise from last week that made me so sore. It made me sore again this week, but a little less so, so I will take that as a strength gain.

Wednesday 4/6


I did half-hour a yoga routine that focused on stretching and relaxing glute and leg muscles. My body really appreciated it.

Thursday 4/7

5 rounds of:
2 Turkish get-ups (18lb kettlebell)
4 deadlifts (95 lbs)
10 step-ups onto box (18lbs)

I thought that this workout would be relatively quick and easy, and I was wrong. It is very heavily focused on the lower body, so my legs did not get any sort of a break. I had also forgotten what an excellent exercise TGU’s are for full-body strength, balance, and coordination (which I need to work on). I think that I will be incorporating them into my routine more often in the weeks to come.

And, as always, I spent a great deal of time walking the dog, Your Pregnancy Week By Week’s advice notwithstanding. Dakota and I logged about four hours out walking about town.

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