Give Mom a Steak!

The good news is all over the paleo blogosphere, over at Mark’s Daily Apple and at Richard Nikoley’s Free the Animal: moms need steak!

A study published in the journal Early Human Development suggests that women who consume low levels of Vitamin B12 (found in read meat, fish, and dairy) during the first trimester of pregnancy are eight times more likely to give birth to a child who cries for prolonged periods than those who consume high amounts. Vitamin B12 is already known to help the development of the brain and nervous system of unborn children, and it also helps to prevent heart disease, dementia, and fertility problems later in life.

This study suggests that women who consume only low levels of B12 may have babies whose nervous systems are not completely developed. B12 may affect how much of a supportive tissue known as myelin, which surrounds and protects the nerve cells, is produced in the brain, and less myelin could cause irritability. B12 could also affect sleep cycles, because insufficient levels prevent the release of the body’s sleep hormone, melatonin. Dig in, and have a happier baby with a healthier nervous system!

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